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Welcome to In Bed With Faith! To be honest it was suppose to be one whole video but it was just too long for one update and we decided to split it into two. Don’t worry as it’s still good enough to be a stand alone scene for you guys to see as well. After she was done with just laying on her back and fucking herself with her own hands, for this part she lets the guy have a turn to play around with her perky holes as you will see.

As you can see, straight off the sexy and hot woman is already in a nice position. She’s bent over with her ass high up and tops down. And the guy is already playing with her pussy and ass, and the dildo that she handled herself previously. Watch as she gets her pussy fucked some more by the toy in a doggie style position, and then see her ass get the same treatment as well as she moans in pleasure. We also want to tell you to check out her previous updates, and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


Watch naughty Faith getting her ass fucked with a toy!

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The lovely and sexy Faith is here with some more hot scenes. Just like Abbey Brooks, another hot internet model, this slutty blonde loves to undress and masturbate in front of the camera. In this update we bring you a nice collection of videos that you get to see and enjoy once more. And in these ones she’s once again playing with herself but she was having another dude over to shoot the movie. And as she was playing with her sex toys and eager pussy, the dude was having his way while he was playing with her big and juicy boobs as she was masturbating for the cameras.


So just relax, and watch as she goes about doing her usual stuff for you. Watch closely as she inserts the sex toy in her pussy, and see that hand fondling her big and round tits for your entertainment. Then the angle changes as she wants you to get a better view of what she’s doing, and you get to see her long and sexy legs spread wide open as she pumps her pussy with that big dildo today.

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In Bed With Faith Blowjob gallery

Well, you guys asked her to do some more cock sucking scenes, and so miss Faith delivers once more. It seems that you just enjoy seeing this cute blonde do whatever sexual thing this sexy blonde wants to enjoy herself. Well since that’s the case, she decided to do another In Bed With Faith blowjob scene for her photo shoot and once more you get front row seats to her superb sex show today. She got another guy to have her fun with this time though as she went to a club to do her little pick up. And she got her eyes on this stud that she just needed to bang for the night or else she was going to be sad all night long.

Suffice to say she didn’t have too much work ahead of her as she just put her womanly charms to work and the rest just came together. And well it’s no surprise that she didn’t have any difficulties with a sexy and hot body as hers. But we digress. As soon as she got him back to her apartment she immediately removed his pants and underwear to reveal his cock and start working on it. And you just need to see her sucking that dick today everyone. You will enjoy watching her suck that cock with her juicy lips and deep throat it for the cameras and the dude’s pleasure today. And as a nice finisher you get to see her get her cute face covered in jizz as well!



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Sexy pink lingerie

Faith is here and she has more fresh stuff for you as always. In this scene the naughty little blonde goes back to being he usual naughty self as she brings you another fresh scene of herself getting into some solo teasing and self pleasing action just like in milf Mia videos. This was a rather special occasion though as miss Faith seems to have gotten her slutty and cute little hands on a nice and sexy pink lingerie set. And she was more than eager to show it off to you guys this fine day today. So let’s get started and watch her do her thing!


The outfit itself was composed of a corset with bra and some panties all made with black and pink satin. And as you can very well see, this set of sexy clothes made this horny woman even more hot that she usually is. You will get to see her strip out of it of course, as she shows off her big and round tits once more for you, and then you’ll also get to see her taking off her panties to expose her juicy pussy as well.

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Morning kitchen blowjob

This time we bring you a nice and special treat from Faith herself. Most of you asked this cute little woman if she’s just going to bring you some hot solo sessions every week. Her answer was no, so today she has some videos to show off to you as she gets wild with some cock for the cameras. She likes doing her solo session because she wants you guys to feel special and adding a dude to the scene might bring down that feeling, but if you guys ask of it she’ll deliver as proven in this update.

Well this time the sexy lady got some cock as we said, and she was aiming to prove that she can also do regular porn scenes as well. So she called on a fuck buddy of hers to drop on by and have his cock toyed with by this sexy and sensual blonde today. You will get to see sexy miss Faith as she puts on display her nice cock sucking skills as she slurps and deep throats that big cock for your viewing pleasure everyone.


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Striptease and boob play

For this photo shoot that she prepared for today she wanted to do a very enticing and sexy strip show for you guys to see. This busty blonde was wearing a super sexy outfit composed of a black and tight shirt that didn’t leave too much to the imagination in regards to her big and round boobs. And also a pair of black pants. Well as one might think, little miss Faith looks good no matter what she wears and that’s very obvious as you can see. So let’s not wait anymore and just get this scene started.


She decided to do this proper and hot strip show for you as she wants to demonstrate that she has the skills necessary to entice you guys with her sensual little display for this fine day. The trick to this whole thing is that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and so as she pulls her shirt aside you can see her big and round tits that just wait to be toyed with. And so she continues with some more clothes removal as she also takes off her pants too, to show off her eager and horny pussy to the cameras as well today. Enjoy it guys!

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In Bed With Faith pics – Morning masturbation

In this update we have another superb and sexy set of pics for you. One more time this sexy and hot blonde has some sexy and hot self pleasing images to bring to you as she plays with her sex toys and her sexy ass. This time she got out a very special one as you can see. She favors this one the most as it has allot of unconventional shapes and this is the one that gets her to orgasm the easiest of the whole bunch. Of course you get to see her do that, why else would she be here. So without any further due, sit back and watch as the sexy and curvy Faith fucks her wet and tight pussy once more in front of the cameras!

When the cameras start to roll, she makes her entry all naked to the scene as she wasn’t wearing anything. And as usual she does her little parading and showing off of her superb curves as she becomes a little cock tease once more. And as she lays on her back in bed she reveals the said sex toy. And as you can see it’s a pretty big one. Well just sit back and watch her fuck her cunt hard style with it just for you today. See her as she moans in pleasure and enjoy it.



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Faith dildo fun

Miss Faith comes to you and she has more naughty stuff planned. Once again she’s doing her solo session with just the cameras and you. For this scene she goes to her bedroom and her queen size bed as she brings you a superb In Bed With Faith dildo sex session today. She really wanted you to see her play around with herself some more and this was a perfect occasion to do. She took another one of her favorite sex toys, as, like she has a pretty impressive collection. Well eventually she may get around to sow it off to you. But for now, you’ll have to do with this. So let’s see what she will do to entertain you for this afternoon.


As the scene starts off, you can watch this hot and sexy beauty as she takes off her clothes to show off those perfect and sexy curves of hers to you. She knows what you came here to see and so she immediately busts out the dildo as she keeps on rubbing and playing around with her eager pussy. Watch her as she sensually bends over to present you with her perfect ass and see her inserting that toy deep in her pussy. And be sure not to miss one image of her fucking herself with the toy today everyone, you’d only disappoint her as every images is great in it’s own right. Well that being said, enjoy it!

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Naughty in the kitchen

Your favorite busty and curvy blonde Faith is here with even more superb content to show off. For her scene this time, she decided to get naughty and wild in the kitchen as she shows off one more of her sex toys to you in this update. Incidentally this dildo is even bigger than the last and she always uses this when she wants her tight pussy pleased by a big thing stuffed inside her, just like naughty Alicia this gorgeous babe loves dildo fucking her pussy. You will be in for some great times with her today and that’s a sure thing.

As the cameras start to capture this voluptuous beauty from every angle, you can see that she’s very much intent to also tease you as much as she can with her sexy curves. Watch her parading her sexy and naked body all throughout the kitchen today before she gets to the pleasing part. And as she does you can watch her take her spot on one of the counters as she spreads her legs for you. Watch this busty beauty as she gets to thoroughly fuck her wet cunt with her big toy and enjoy the show guys!



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On the red couch

The lovely and sexy Faith has some more fresh content to show off to you. And this fine day this sexy blonde has prepared an update for you with her getting naughty and sexy in front of the cameras all by herself. She also happened to come across her favorite big and blue dildo, and as you can pretty much see, she’s all set to show off how she likes to please her eager pussy when she’s all by herself, just like the chicks from publicpickups galleries! And you guys get to see it here first of all. So let’s not waste any more time, and just get started!


As one might think, this sexy lady didn’t start out all naked. She was dressed in a very cute and sexy outfit and she did parade her superb and luscious curves for a bit before she started to play with herself. So you also get to watch her present you with her amazing curves today just to tease you some more. Watch her as she then spreads open her legs to treat you to some nice views of her pussy as she inserts her sex toy inside her cunt. And watch her fuck herself fast and hard just for your entertainment today everyone!

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Toy on Bed

It’s time to see more in this gallery as usual and you can bet that the blonde hottie is waiting for you to check her out once again. The curvy beauty wants to show off some more of her playing with herself and her sex toys and you just have to check it out going down without delay here. She’s very very persuasive when she wants and she must insist that you check this one out. By that we mean that she got to use her natural and amazing beauty to make sure that you check her out today and we think it’s gonna’ work like a charm. So let’s see her taking her time to dildo fuck her pussy this afternoon for you all to see!

The cute little blonde is in her bed as you can clearly see. And after making quick work of her clothes and outfit she does take her time to be even more seductive and tease you while posing naked sexy and sensually for you all over her bed. This cutie as you know was also playing with that babe too as the two of them are very very good friends with benefits. And back to the scene at had, after she’s done with her showing off, see her lay on her belly with legs spread wide and that dildo all ready to go in deep.


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Naughty in bed

In Bed With Faith has just launched her site and she’s here to deliver some hot scenes for everyone to see. As you know she has another one but she just has so much content to put out that that’s not enough. And so she launched another one as well to bring you even more of her naughty self. In this update for this site, she has some Faith videos to show off and you get to see them in all their glory today. So let’s just sit back and enjoy the new content that she aims to deliver to you.

As this superb video of hers starts off, you can see sexy miss Faith as she’s wearing just her black see through shirt and her high heels. And nothing else. Well as you will see, this sexy and curvy woman busts out her sexy bust to treat you to some nice views of her big and perfect tits today. But that’s not all. You also get to see this blonde cutie as she rubs and plays with her pussy as well for this little movie she has for you!


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