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Gia Paloma Rough Punishment

Our smoking hot porn star, Gia Paloma, is here and she’s not alone in this scene. She always saw all of those naughty gals getting punished in all kind of videos and galleries, so she wanted to try it herself to see how is it. Anal angel Gia called her good old friend to help her out with the visual part and with the punishing as well. So her friend came over prepared with all kind of toys to use on her and of course with some chains as well.

Gia wanted a darker place so they went to her basement to shoot the scene. She dressed up and her friend helped her put with the chaining part. At first it seemed as a game, but as she heard his dirty talk she got more and more into it. Gia got her huge melons tortured first, he started massaging them and them he chained her nipples that was attached to her nose piercing. It was insane! And don’t forget this was only the beginning, so don’t miss out this crazy GiaPaloma update!


Watch here naughty Gia getting properly punished!

Hot In Red

Well, Gia really looks hot in red right? Actually she looks hot in every color she wears or in any outfit and she sure loves to brag with it. She was cleaning her closet the other day and found all these old clothes she doesn’t wear anymore. Most of them were used on the galleries or on in the movies she played in. It sure was a fun day and she got prepared for you guys lots of pics with her trying them on.

But never mind that, returning to our sexy red costume she was wearing this picture. She had a moment a few months ago when she was obsessed with latex and the tiny shorts she was wearing are the proof. Just look at her showing off her amazing body, those delicious curves, huge juggs and her perfectly round booty in those tight red shorts. So don’t miss out the entire gallery and check her out in all of her outfit. It’s worth it! Enjoy!


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SchoolGirl Uniform

This time you are in for a treat with a hot Gia Paloma schoolgirl scene. She wanted to answer to all of your requests, but this one in particular got her attention. She always fantasized about being a naughty schoolgirl, fucking herself to orgasm and being punished by this hot teacher. Of course in her dream scene she got spanked with a ruler in front of the classroom. But in such short notice she didn’t found anyone to share the scene with so she had to do it all by herself. So she took a quick visit to her hometown and visits her old school and her classroom. Of course she started to hit on the janitor until he gave her the key of the classroom.


She locked herself in the class room and after putting on her sexy uniform started taking shots for you guys. Gia slowly started to reveal her hot body, she first took off her white shirt and after teasing with her huge melons she finally took off her bra. But that was only the beginning doesn’t worry! She then took off her tiny panties and started pleasing her juicy pussy. See you next with more GiaPaloma updates!

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Sexy Red Lingerie

Gia just can’t stop sharing with you guys her galleries! So don’t miss it out and enjoy this smoking hot porn star showing off her goods. Gia has lots of friends and of course most of them are top models with dozens and dozens of presentations and photo shoots in one month. So she wasn’t surprise when the other day she got a phone call from one of her friends that desperately needed help. They needed to shoot a gallery just like in Kelly Madison nude pics so they needed a hot lady for this. She got this photo shoot scheduled that day, but she had her plane canceled in the last minute and just can’t make it there in time. She told Gia that she talked it all with her manager and it was ok, Gia had to take a few pics for a well known lingerie company.

At first this was quite overwhelming for her, but for her friend she accepted. So she got there everyone was so nice with her. Although she had some photo shoots of hers made, she still got nervous. So after she took some pics with this red and black lingerie, she started getting all these ideas for some pictures for you guys. So after finishing the photo shoot she asked if she could take some photos with the photographer for her. After everyone left she showed off what she’s really made off. She started undressing, exposing her amazing curves, those huge juggs, perfect booty and of course her pussy as well. Enjoy it!


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Gia Paloma Porn Scene

A hot Gia Paloma porn scene is here, so don’t miss it out! This time she wanted to bring you something special for being next to her until now, so this one of her oldest scenes. Of course this scene, like the other ones before it, has its own story. Our smoking hot babe, Gia, believe it or not got stood up by this jackass one their first date. But you know Gia, she always gets what she wants and that night she wanted a hard cock to make her forget about that shitty moment. So she didn’t wait too long until she put her eyes on this cute valet.


Of course it didn’t take her too long to get his interest and then his phone number. So she waited for him after he finished his shift and let him walk her home. Well, the walk was a bit longer and they ended up in her bedroom trying out his other skills. So before you know it she was with her legs wide open and his hard cock stuffed in her eager pussy and stretched it to the limits. Nice way to waste some time, right? Enjoy!

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Gia Paloma Pics

We are here, as promised, with more Gia Paloma pics just for you. She got a strange invite last week to a party and on the invite it was mentioned the place, the hour and to bring a costume. At first Gia didn’t knew what to do, but after checking her Friday schedule she confirmed it. Since she got single she barely went out of the house. She got so bored of all the freaks she found in her last attempts when she went in the club. Friday night was finally there and after she dressed up her sexy red dress she called a cab to take her at the mysterious house, where the party was having place.

Once she arrived there she was invited in the house by a valet that was also wearing a mask. Everyone was so well dressed and mysterious but unfortunately she couldn’t recognize any of her friends because of those masks. So she ended up alone at a table until she started taking to this tall guy. He invited her in a quieter place to relax and talk without anyone disturbing them. Once they got there he started kissing her and massaging her huge juggs. Gia got all horny so it didn’t take her too long to start riding his hard cock. Enjoy and see you next, friends!


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Naughty And Naked

Gia is here with her latest gallery and it sure is a hot one. While doing her morning exercises a few mornings ago she noticed this hot guys that was checking her out for the house next to hers. At first she thought it was her next door neighbor but she remember that he was out of town a few days. So after thinking it thru she finally got it, it was his handy man that was looking out for the place while he was gone. But his job wasn’t her interest so she gave him a good look to see if he’s worthy of her time, so watch her playing with her toys because she’s really bored.

After he started cutting the lawn and he took of his t shirt she was convinced that she was doing the right thing. She didn’t want to go directly to talk with him because everyone else would start all kinds of gossips and her man would find out. So she started taking off her clothes, revealing her amazing curves, those huge juggs and her juicy pussy as well. So check out this hot scene to see if she convinced him to came to her place! Enjoy it and see you next!


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Gia Paloma Finger-Fucking

As promised we are here with a hot gallery with your favorite gal. Gia was invited the other day to this fancy party that was having place at this exclusive restaurant in town. She got an invite from one of her ex’s that wanted her to know how bad he feels for leaving the things the way they did. So she dressed up and went to the event hopping he still had feeling for her. But she arrived there surprise he was with another woman. After a better look she realized that she introduced him to her at a party they went as a couple.

That totally blow off her mood so she excused her self and went home feeling extremely angry and horny as well. She after she closed the door she started taking off her clothes one by one until got in the bedroom she only had her bra on her. Liken busty Dawn, this hot chick has some impressive breasts! As you can all see Gia had some delicious curves to share with you guys. Those impressive knockers that are just waiting to get squeezed and massaged and of course her juicy pussy as well. She just couldn’t take it anymore so she slipped her fingers in her juicy pussy and went deeper and deeper. So don’t miss out the latest gallery! Enjoy!


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Gia Exposed

Gia Paloma was left all alone in her big house. Her sugar daddy was out of town for the week for a business trip and left her alone with nothing to do. So she went shopping and after spending most of her sugar daddy’s money she wanted to show him that she really spent all that money for him actually. She bought all these hot dresses so she could look nice for all the dinners he has with his business associates. But she especially wanted him to see this smoking hot lingerie she bought especially for him and no one else. She planed on wearing it when she returned for his trip.

After trying to take herself some pictures she finally gave up and called a friend to help her out. So she started trying out all of her new cloths, especially her lingerie. Then she thought her sugar daddy was working so hard so she could have nice things, that he deserves a little present. So she started taking off her clothes one by one, revealing her amazing body, those delicious curves and of course her juicy pussy as well. So enjoy this hot GiaPaloma update!


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Black Lingerie

Another gallery is here for you guys and it’s a hot one as well. She was so sad and angry in the same time a few days ago. She wanted to surprise her man at this work, so she went there one late night and she sure didn’t enjoy what she saw there. She caught him while he was fucking his secretary right on his desk. You can only imagine how angry and disappointed she was. So she thought she needed a break from it all and especially from her ex. Then she remembers that a friend of hers insisted that she should come for a visit in their town. This was the perfect timing!

She packed her stuff and went straight to the airport. After that long flight she only wanted to take a shower and sleep. So the next morning she told her friend what she’s been thru and she gave her a great idea. Men sure don’t like sharing their women, so she made sure that all of his friends got a piece of her. Of course she didn’t sleep with all of them, she started spreading nude pictures of hers on the internet. Sexy pictures with her revealing her amazing curves: huge tits and her juicy pussy as well. So don’t miss this GiaPaloma update!


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Gia Paloma Fuck Session

Gia is here with her latest gallery for all of you lucky guys. So what’s better than a hardcore fucking scene to spice things up a bit and remind you what she’s good at? She met this hunk while repairing her car. She went in this trip a few weeks ago and after a few miles she had some problems with her engine so she called a mechanic of course. After a half an hour or so, a car finally stopped next to hers. She wasn’t expecting such a hot mechanic, she always pictures mechanics as being old and ugly. So while she complained that she doesn’t know a thing about cars and engines she started telling him at what she’s really good at. Sucking and fucking of course!

So when he finished fixing her car and heard that she doesn’t have any cash money, he knew what to ask for in exchange. So they went to the closest motel and Gia started to pay for the service she received. After she saw this guy’s monster tool she knew that she made the right decision. She’s never wrong about cocks. So she spread her legs wide open and got his monster cock stuffed in her juicy pussy stretching it to the limits. Enjoy it!


Watch here busty Gia getting properly pounded!


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