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Emma Starr Threesome

Welcome to Emma Starr! We have a very nice and passionate threesome that will make you so horny and aroused!

Here we have Emma getting through the door with her beautiful friend. They get comfy on the couch, starting to chat. Shortly after that, you’ll see Emma’s male friend entering the room. They all get so horny and around, that Emma starts revealing her friend’s big, hard cock. With a hungry look in their eyes, they start sucking his big, junk. Soon you’ll see them three in a really erotic scene, Emma offering him a really great blow job, touching her friend’s luscious pussy, while the other two are kissing passionately. Eager for his hard dick stuffed inside her, she starts riding him, while her friend is kissing her tits, licking her hard nipples, getting her all turned on and aroused. Now it’s her friend’s turn to take a ride on this big hard, cum machine. She gets on top of him, starting to get roughly pounded, while Emma is watching them two. She is so hot, that she will soon need a toy and starts pleasing herself badly, while watching them fucking, with lust and hunger in her eyes. We hope you all enjoyed this amazing video.


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Emma Starr MILF Sex

So again we have an amazing Emma Starr video. We all know that you like her, so we bring you one of her greatest performance. She found herself again in need for some big hard junk. She loves to fuck, just like naughty Allie, so she picked this guy up and straight forward, she asks him:”Do you want to fuck me?” Stunned with this kind of proposal, it took him about 10 seconds to realize and quickly to agree. So they both went down to her place and start this awesome sexual experience.

Hungry and full of lust, she starts offering him the greatest blow job of his life. So she starts sucking, and sticking his big, hard cock inside her dirty mouth, down her throat. She moves her tongue all over his tool, going down for his juicy balls, licking. :”Emma, you’re the best, keep going! Yeah baby, that’s how daddy likes it!” After a little while, you’ll see her getting on top of him, starting to ride his hard cock, getting him so amazingly aroused. So he’ll start pounding her wet twat, harder and harder, going deeper inside her, massaging her hot tits, getting her almost satisfy. We say almost, because that’s just the beginning, soon you’ll see her facing him, resuming this hard ride, offering you all a great view of her pussy getting stuffed and her nice, hot ass. She’s getting pounded in all possible positions, getting all ecstatic and aroused.


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Johnny Castle’s Big Cock

You’re going to see again your favorite porn star in action. As always, this naughty woman it’s eager for some fresh meat. She loves to feel a guy’s cock deep inside her so she doesn’t waste any more time.

Here you’ll get to see her perfect naked body, getting on top of her friend, and start riding this big, hard cock, asking him to go deeper and faster. This guy is more than willing to accept her request, so he starts pounding her, going back and forth, and then lifting her body up and then doing, rubbing his hard tool against her wet, delicious pussy. “Yeah, just like that! Don’t stop! Fuck me harder!” Emma says to him, as he starts to accelerate the rhythm, offering her a great ride, making her cum, moaning the pleasure, while all her body is starting to shiver. This is definitely a really great and intense experience for this stud, that we’re sure he will be willing to repeat it. As we all know, that’s not going to be hard at all, since Emma is always ready and eager for some good rides!


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Emma Starr Facial from Naughty America

Another great sexual experience for Emma! This hungry woman looks like she can’t get enough of giving amazing blow jobs and getting her holes pounded! She always finds some new hot stud to satisfy her! Ohh well the finding part is not hard at all, just look at her, but the pleasing her is the hard part, cause we all know how hungry for fuck Emma is. So tonight is going to be a long, hard night. She plans on riding him all night long, making him cum over and over again. First he gets Emma a facial treatment. She’s sucking his big, hard cock, moving her dirty tongue all over his junk, licking his balls. Then she starts moving her devil tongue across the cock’s head, making him more and more ecstatic as he starts saying:”Yeah baby, suck harder, that’s the way I like it! Yeah, just like that!”

Soon you’ll see him moaning in pleasure, as his big, hard junk is being sucked as it has never been before. This is truly a phenomenal experience that he won’t soon forget. Right before he cums, she puts his big tool inside her mouth, sucking hard and rough! No later after this you will get to see how, after a great sexual adventure, he sprays her pretty face and fills her mouth with hot, tasty spunk! Enjoy watching this fresh update!



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Emma and Peter Oh Tool

And once again, this cock hungry woman found herself another stud to ride all night long! We hope this guy is ready for her wet, delicious pussy. As soon as Peter gets through the door, this naughty woman, Emma Starr, starts getting him undress, and asks him: “Are you ready for a wild night of fucking?!” Peter is left without words, so soon they lie on the bed. Emma is spreading out her legs, wide open, welcoming his big, hard cock inside her wet, eager twat! Then he starts pounding, while she screams: “Harder! Harder!” Peter has nothing else to do then obey Emma’s orders, and he’s fucking her hole harder and deeper and she starts moaning in pleasure. Emma lifts a legs and demands Peter: “ Lick my toes! Is this turning you on?!” She doesn’t even has the time to finish this sentence, cause he turns around and starts fucking her harder and harder, roughly pounding her wet, juicy pussy, full of lust and eager for some more. “Yeah baby, that’s the way I like it! Give me more!” she says to him, as she can’t get enough of his hard, rocking tool!



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Emma Starr Anal Pounding

Emma is preparing something different this time… She got bored with the same pussy-fucking and she decided she want her other hole satisfied. A perfect timing, as she is expecting her son’s friend to pick up something from his office… She woke up this morning feeling horny and lustful, so she is planning to take advantage of this visit. Emma always liked young hard cocks and this one is definitely not one she wants to miss. As the young man arrives, Emma tells him her intentions, happy that he agrees immediately. ‘’Oh, gosh, it feels so fucking good your hard big cock inside my ass ! Don’t stop, please, keep coming deeper and deeper !’’ she screams while rubbing her clit with her fingers. He loves her tight butthole and he pounds really deep…’’This slut is the best I have ever had ! She really knows how to please a man…’’ he thinks while feeling close to cumming. He stops for a minute, it is better to prolong the perfect moment. Grabbing her sexy ass, he turns her in a doggy position, to be able to penetrate her even deeper. What a great sensation ! He never thought this could be his favorite position ! After a very short while, Emma feels how this young man fills her asshole with his hot cum and she releases her orgasm at the same time… He can feel her ass stretching around his cock and that makes him start all over again ! What a great fucking experience!



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Emma’s College Dorm Room Fuck from Naughty America

Emma got a new roommate in college. She didn’t meet him yet… All she knows about him is that he’s a little kinky… And a kind of ‘’women eater’’… Now, that is a challenge for Emma ! She will make him beg to have her in his bed ! To fuck her delicious wet pussy… This afternoon, Emma has to study so she will not leave the room. When she hears knocking on the door, she opens and she invites him in. This handsome guy doesn’t know what is in store for him ! Emma is already horny and she knows she will get what she wants from him ! ‘’I can tell by the look in your eyes you want my pussy right now !’’ she attacked. ‘’You’re right !’’ he answers back, daring her. And the very next second, she spread her legs wide open and invites him to fuck her juicy pussy. How can someone refuse something like that ?! His big stony cock fits perfectly in Emma’s holes ! And he is pounding roughly her pussy, but no one is complaining ! Her satisfaction smile is all over her face. ‘’Who said this guy loves to fuck, they were absolutely right !’’ concludes Emma.


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Emma Starr Porn Scene with Johnny Castle

Another day in paradise with insatiable Emma! She got a phone call from her son telling her one of his colleagues will drop by their house to pick up some CDs he forgot. And his mate’s name is Johnny Castle… She remembers him well as they met not long ago. He’s a young horny man who pleased her in ways she couldn’t imagine possible with his huge cock… And now he will be here again ! We all know that this slutty MILF is crazy about fucking, just like hot MILF Mia, so she dresses provocative, in a pink blouse and skirt and she’s waiting for him impatiently… When she opens the door, she’s already wet and full of lust ! She throws him on the bed, tightens him up and unzips his pants, taking his hard cock into her mouth, without any notice, until he’s close to the edge… All of the sudden, he manages to untie himself and he grabs Emma by her ass and practically rapes her from behind, ripping her panties off ! She screams when she feels that stony cock inside her wet pussy ! ‘’Oh, this young man is so fucking good !’’ thinks Emma. ‘’I hope this will happen more often !’’ They continued in bed, until Johnny Castle filled both her holes with hot cum.




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Big Audition with Sonny Hicks

Emma finally got that call! She will meet Sonny for an audition. She’s nervous, though she trusts herself… She has to impress that Sonny, no matter what it takes ! From a certified source, she found out Sonny loves anal sex, so she is building an offence. After a brief conversation, they both decide to stop wasting precious time and to get what they want from each other… Emma, a deliciously big cock into her hungry holes and Sonny, a tight spot that will make him scream for pleasure… ‘’Oh, it feels divine’’, whispers Emma. ‘’Come, Sonny, stick your cock deep into my ass, deeper and deeper !’’ And he does ! To the balls… And he loved every single ‘’song’’ Emma played…And she took his horny hard cock in every hole, enjoying it just as much ! In her juicy tight pussy as well as in her ass, making Sonny want to cum. ‘’God, you’re wonderful, Emma ! The best woman I’ve ever had !’’, says him. ‘’Baby, this is just the beginning !’’ winks her. ‘’My pussy and my ass want more from your cock !’’. ‘’Gosh, you’re insatiable ! But I’ll do it, anyway ! The night is young !’’. And this is how Emma got fucked in every hole!



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Emma on Tonight’s Girlfriend

Emma Starr is hungry again. She will call the room service from this fancy hotel she booked in. The waiter can’t resist her charms… And Emma can’t decide if the food is what she’s craving or something else… Watch her greedy, taking a nice big cock into her mouth. Her pervert look tells as much as thousand words. ‘’Hmm, yummy ! I’ll make this cock cum in my mouth… I want to swallow every single drop ! ‘’ Her lips rub the cock up and down, provocative and full of lust. Her tongue plays with the cock’s head, making him every second hornier… She knows how to make this guy climb the walls out of pleasure. He grabs her neck and makes her take that hard cock deep into her mouth.

Just before he’s ready to cum, she’s generously offering him her pussy, in a doggy style. ‘’Give it to me, now !’’ She’s fucked real hard, to the balls, like she always wanted and she feels completely satisfied ! Well, not completely, we all know how greedy Emma can be… We just hope that poor guy slept well last night, because tonight she will eat him alive ! Literally!



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Naughty America Babes – Emma and Julia

Here she comes… Riding a perfect cock, Emma and her best friend, Julia sharing the view and helping her increase the pleasure. Gently rubbing her clit and making her wet, while that hard cock is deep inside her… Hmm, what a feeling ! And she is enjoying it ! Julia is somewhat impatient to take her place… ‘’Does it feel good, Emma ?’’asks Julia. ‘’You have no idea how good it feels with this huge cock inside my pussy ! Lick my clit, please ! ‘’ Julia doesn’t wait for a second invitation…She is greedy and she feels lucky too, because she gets the chance to taste Emma’s juicy pussy and her mate’s hard cock ! Once Emma comes closer and closer to the ultimate pleasure, Julia continues to rub her clit harder and harder…’’Yes, fuck me hard, baby ! Give my hungry pussy what it needs ! Oh, yes, harder… Don’t stop, Julia ! ‘’ And Emma starts to scream of pleasure…Her man grabs her and pull her to his cock the exact minute he cums. What can be more perfect than that ?! While Julia is massaging his balls, he knows that he has to please her too. He is definitely in heaven!


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