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Time for another superb Devon Lee video to be presented to you. In this one, the sexy blonde wants to reward you guys for your loyalty for staying by her side for so long and enjoying her content updates. And to do that, she decided that in this movie clip she’d show you how she likes to have her solo fun when there’s no cock around or another pussy for her to have fun with. Meaning that you get to see the sexy woman as she will do a solo masturbation and pleasuring session just for your viewing pleasure.

When the scene itself starts you can see Devon sitting in her chair enjoying some nice porn scene on her computer. But it seems that she feels more and more turned on, and well you can guess what follows next. As she takes her clothes off revealing more and more of her sexy and luscious body, she starts to make her way down to her pussy. And after fingering her cunt slowly for some time you can see her fucking her pussy with a nice and big sex toy as well. Enjoy her video everyone and as usual see you next!


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Roman Role Play

Devon Lee has more videos for you. Though for this one you get to see the slutty blonde do something a bit special. You see she felt in the mood to do a little bit of role-play and make one of her dirty little fantasies come true. As for the scene, well, it’s about this roman general that gets to spend a night with one of his female servants that will do a nice job of taking care of his cock. Be sure to not miss a second of this ancient sex video where DevonLee takes a proper dicking.


When the scene starts, the roman dude stands in his chair pondering, and Devon makes her entry with the dinner. Well it seems that the guy is in the mood for more than just a fulfilling meal and he just takes her for himself. She does her usual cock sucking for the big man to get him prepared for her pussy, but then she presents him with her cunt as it’s awaiting a rough pounding. So watch her fucked hard style all over the general’s tent this time guys!

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Hardcore Threesome with Taylor Wayne

In this update we bring you some nice and classy pics for a change. Since you got your share of some videos so far it’s about time to watch some still images of this beauty as well. Again as a helper miss Devon got in touch with Taylor Wayne, and the two of them would get to have their way with one lucky and ready stud. They got the chance to pick him up at a nice party with a medieval theme, as you will see the two ladies wearing some very classy dresses and clothes. Well let’s get started shall we?

As the cameras roll DevonLee and Taylor, make quick work of the dudes clothes and they simply throw him on the floor where they also plan to take his cock for their own. Watch them suck his cock, and as Taylor continues to work on the sausage, you can see Devon as she presents the dude with her pussy that’s in desperate need of some attention. Watch him lick her pussy as she moans in pleasure turning him on even more. Well that’s about it everyone. We will see you next with some more fresh and new content from Devon as always. Check out the Charley Chase page and have fun watching some similar videos and picture galleries featuring another beauty.


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Sharing A Black Cock With Zoey

We’re pretty much sure that you guys were expecting another set of Devon Lee videos and you know we always deliver. This fine update has Devon and one of her best friends named Zoey as they get around to having their way with a lucky guy. The story goes likes this. The two little sexy sluts, went for a little cock hunt at their local bars and they were hoping to score themselves some nice and horny studs that would take care of their wet and cock hungry pussies. Sure enough they came across a guy that stroke their interest and so they went to his table. Very soon the guy found himself picked up by these two beauties.


We forgot to mention that we also have some nice pics coming along with this update so be sure not to miss them. As the ladies head back home with the lucky guy, they are already planning their night as how they will fuck his brains out. And as you can imagine the guy is more than happy to hear them talk about it. Once back at the apartment watch as Devon and Zoey share his big cock doing a nice and hot double blowjob for him. Watch every moment of the video and every picture to see these two professional cock suckers at work and enjoy it. As always your sexy blonde will be here next with some more of her trademark scenes!

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Devon Lee Riding Marco Banderas

For this nice and fresh Devon Lee update, our lovely and hot blonde has taken to riding another big and rock hard cock for your viewing pleasure. But she’s not taking her dicking from just anyone this fine day. Oh no, she got herself a reservation for Marco Banderas’s big and throbbing cock. And this fine evening you get to see the hot lady just like Axelle Parker as she rides it to her heart’s content.

As the cameras start to roll, you can see miss DevonLee as she gets on her knees to provide a nice and wet blow job for the dude, to get him nice and hard for the next part. And when the cock is nice and big, she finally takes her spot on top of it. Watch as sexy Devon rides that cock with a passion this evening and be sure to keep watching for fresh pictures or videos of her. Enjoy!


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Revenge Fuck

Devon seems to not be able to get her fill of hard cock so she simply must go out of her way to get some whenever she feels turned on. Well again she had to make a call and see if she’d be able to strike lucky with one of her gentlemen callers. Sure enough she did, and when the guy heard that she needed cock, he bolted to her place without second thoughts. Though he was a bit pissed at her for waking him up at midnight.


You could say that in the guy’s case it’s somewhat of a revenge fuck as Devon woke him up. But no matter, it still resulted in one amazingly hot and sexy scene and you get to see every picture that was taken of the two fucking. So in this scene you get to see the luscious beauty as she bends over one more time to present everyone with her superb ass, and as the guy gets to pounding that tight and wet pussy you get to see this hottie as she moans in pleasure of the dicking that she’s getting. Enjoy it and see you next everyone! If you liked this update check out the Ariella Ferrera page and have fun watching another hottie getting her pussy pumped hard!

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Devon Lee Lesbian Party

We bring another fresh and hot set of videos for you to see. And we can say that the slutty and sexy blonde who is looking just like hot Cindy Hope outdid herself once more as you will see yourselves. This fine day the smoking hot lady had a special surprise in store for her and another three female buddies of hers. That being said, what she had in mind was a nice and relaxing lesbian sex session involving all four of them in this nice afternoon. And so she made the calls necessary and all three of her friends would attend her little lesbian fuck fest.

When the scene itself starts off you can see Devon greeting her buddies that all arrived at the same time at her place. Once inside the pack of sex hungry women get right to it as they take of their clothes without a second thought and take their spots all across a nice vintage couch that miss Devon owns. So just sit back and watch this nice lesbian fuck fest as it unfolds at and enjoy the lesbian pussy action that goes down just for you!


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Fucking Johnny Castle

It’s a brand new gallery and Devon comes to you with more to enjoy. This time the sexy blonde has a super hot update. This sexy blonde wanted to bring you another video of her going wild and she did so in style this time as you will get to see. Again she had to find herself a nice and solid piece of cock if she was to do something worth while, and so she took to the streets in a nice and relaxing afternoon walk in hopes that she’d strike lucky and get herself a nice looking guy to fuck her for the afternoon. Lucky for her she passed by a stud standing at a nice outdoor cafe all by himself and she was most interested in him.


More pics will be delivered to you next time as usual so don’t fret. But for now let’s just enjoy the show that this blonde has to offer. After a nice and reinvigorating chat she was all up for a nice and hard fucking with the guy and she was eager to do it as well. The guy was extremely happy to give her all the cock that she wants and they didn’t even need to retreat back to one of their apartments to get to the fucking. They simply took their clothes off and had sex right on one of the tables there. So watch as DevonLee takes a balls deep pussy fucking with her sexy long legs spread wide open. We’re sure that you’ll love this little update of hers!

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Devon Lee Fucking Alison Moore

Devon Lee continues this fine day with more of her classy content. It’s a bit of a quick update but it’s still awesome nonetheless. She asked a very good buddy of hers named Alison Moore to come by and spend some time together. Well Alison knew exactly why Devon called on her and she was more than happy to oblige her friend, as they would engage in some nice girl on girl action.

As the scene starts Devon answers the door, and greets her buddy. The ladies then retreat to Devon’s bedroom where they begin their nice little lesbian sex session for the afternoon. Watch them as they start off by kissing passionately and then you get to see them take the time to lick each other’s eager pussies. Enjoy this nice and fresh pics update, and we will see you guys next! If you liked this scene cum inside christy mack and enjoy watching another busty babe fucking big cocks!


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Devon Lee Serving Justice

This time Devon felt like mixing things up a little bit and she decided to shoot a nice and sexy video for you guys to see of her. Again she would go about her usual business as she would be on the receiving end of a big and hard cock. And you would get front row seats to her classy and amazing update. Be sure that you will always see her freshest work only here first and not anywhere else, so be sure not to miss any updates.


When the cameras start to roll Devon makes her appearance all dressed up in her super sexy and slutty outfit. And when the guy also makes his entry she loses her clothes quickly as she knows full well what’s going to come next, and she’s eager as hell to get some of that cock inside her. Watch her fucked doggie style at after she bends over to present the dude with her luscious and sexy rear end. We hope you’ll like it and we will be seeing you once more in the following update with more of her superb scenes. Check out the Diamond Foxxx page and enjoy watching other sexy blonde getting fucked!

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Devon Lee With Chris Johnson

Devon is one smoking hot blonde, and she’s also going to be launching her brand new site here for all of you guys to see. Miss Devon is going to put on a nice display of how she likes to take her fucking. And to demonstrate her cock hunger and naughty ways, she has over one of her fuck buddies that will help her show off her sexual skills for this awesome gallery update. So let’s not wait around any longer and see what this sexy and stunning blonde has to offer in her super sexy show.

Devon and her male helper waste no time in getting the show started for you guys as they get straight to work. The dude takes great care to undress this sexy beauty and take off her how lingerie off. She then performs some nice oral for him as she then takes her spot on the couch spreading her legs wide open to give the guy easy access to her wet cunt. Watch the lucky guy as he fucks her pussy hard style and enjoy it everyone.


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Naughty Lesbians

We are here with more Devon Lee videos for you guys. In this one our smoking hot porn star was fooling around with a friend of hers. She was all alone at her place so she called her friend to came over for a coffee and to keep her company. After they finished their coffees Devon took her friend to her bedroom to show her her new silk sheets. We all know that she adores to fuck, just like slutty Mary Carey, so guess what happened next? They ended up doing so much more then seeing the sheets.

Her friend ended up completely naked exposing her amazing curves and Devon as well. Then the gals started making out, kissing and massaging each other’s huge juggs. But that was only the beginning, because the babes started playing with all of Devon’s toy collection, especially with her huge rubber dildo. So Devon was in for a treat getting her juicy pussy stuffed and stretched. So check out this hot DevonLee update and we’ll be back the next with another update.


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Pleasing My Man

Watch here the latest video to see this smoking hot porn star in action! She wanted to surprise her man for his birthday, so when he came home from work he found her wearing her sexy lingerie and high heels and just waiting for him in bed. Of course he didn’t have to do a thing, because Devon took care of everything.

She undressed him, got on her knees and started sucking his fat cock. She just couldn’t get enough of it and didn’t stop sucking it until she got all covered with creamy loads of cum all over her pretty face. Then Devon grabbed his hard tool and stuffed in her juicy pussy and started riding it, stretching her pussy to the limits. So don’t miss out the latest updates including pics and videos. Enjoy it!


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Kinky Devon Hardcore Threesome

We are here with more pics for you guys. This tie she ended up pleasing to hard cocks after a hardcore night of partying. She went to the hottest club in town with her friends, to celebrate that one of them got a promotion. Of course once this hot MILF got there she was the center of attention and everyone was checking her out. After she had a few shots with her friends they went to dance, but after a few songs she ended up with two guys next to her, they just didn’t know how to get her attention.


Devon was interested in one of them so she gave them a chance to impress her. So they went to the bar and after have a few shots, the cute one she liked invited her to their place to have a private party. But everyone knew what that meant! So once they arrived there Devon took off her cloths revealing her hot body and started taking turns on sucking the guys’ hard tools. Then she bent over and got the biggest tool shoved in her pussy, stretching it to the limits, while she was sucking the other one. So don’t miss out this hardcore DevonLee gallery.

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Devon Lee Lesbian Sex with Diamond Foxxx

We are here with more Devon Lee videos and pictures. This time she was a special for you guys, her smoking hot friend Diamond Foxxx. These two meet at this party a friend of their was having and ended up talking all night. The party was outside the city so every guest had a hotel room reserved. The gals stay and chatted for a couple of hours and when the party ended they moved their party in Diamond’s room. Once they got there the babes started undressing each other and getting comfortable.

Before you know it they were naked, making out passionately and massaging each other’s huge juggs. Then Devon just couldn’t take it and started licking Diamond’s juicy pussy making her even hornier then she was before. Then the chicks started fucking each other senseless using Diamond’s huge black dildo. So don’t miss out these horny babes fucking each other using a dildo. Check out the rest of the lesbian sex scene and we’ll see you next!


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Meeting Mike Adriano

As promised we are here with more videos and pictures. This time she’s sharing the scene with Mike Adriano. For those of you that don’t know her she is this smoking hot porn star, with the perfect body, delicious curves, impressive knockers and an eager pussy waiting to get stuffed. She is looking just like hot busty blonde Delta White and she got a call from Mike the other day and she got an offer she just couldn’t refuse. So the next day they meet and went out for a drink and while they were chatting she realized that they didn’t have any scenes together. So Mike didn’t need to much time to ask her to his place.

Once they got there they both new there things were going. So they went straight to the bedroom and started kissing, massaging, licking and fucking all over the place. After Mike finished massaging her huge juggs, she got on her knees and stuffed his monster cock in her filthy mouth. After she got all covered with sticky creamy cum she took the fat cock and shoved it her juicy pussy. So don’t miss this hardcore gallery. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next with more updates.


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Devon Lee and Lisa Ann

Guess who’s here? Devon Lee, of course, with her latest gallery, as promised. She wanted to surprise you guys so for this update we have a gal on gal scene that ended up being a threesome. These two got together the other day for a coffee and realized that they never shared a bed. So Devon invited her to her place the next night. They drank until they got dizzy and extremely horny so they moved the action in the bedroom. But when they were enjoying their passionate kissing Lisa realized that they didn’t have any toys to play with, so they called their good old friend who is very good looking, just like hot Bridgette B, another gorgeous model, to help them out.

Until he arrived to Devon’s place they continued making out, massaging their big juggs and finger fucking each other’s pussy. When he entered the room and saw them making out he jumped right between them. Lisa was the first to ride his cock while Devon waited for her turn to get his hard cock shoved in her pussy. If you want to see the entire gallery check it out below. We’ll see you next with more updates!


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Riding Marcus London

Another hardcore scene is here for all of you. This time she ended up riding Marcus London’s monster tool. She got set up by her friends on a blind date, because she just couldn’t stop complaining that she was all alone and Valentine’s day was coming. So she was quite excited for this date and took her time to prepare for it. She put on her sexy black dress, stockings and her high heels and she went to the address her friends gave her. At first it was a bit weird for her to sit at a table and wait for a person you don’t know. She didn’t have any idea at all of how her date could look.


So after ten minutes of waiting, he arrived. He has this hot guy, tall and handsome with roses in his hands. She was so touched about his gesture that she invited him over for a drink. Once they arrived at her place they started making out in the living room. She started stroking his cock and sucking it, she just couldn’t get enough of it. Then she spread her legs wide open and stuffed it in her pussy stretching it to the limits. So don’t miss this insane porn scene. Enjoy it and don’t forget that you can find similar videos and picture galleries inside the website. See you next, friends!

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Devon Lee Interracial Sex

Devon Lee is here with her hardcore gallery just for you lucky guys. She was complaining the other day that she never had a black cock for a while now and she missed a rough pounding. So her friends wanted to help and took her out the this new bar. They knew that the place was full of black hunks waiting for some action. So once she got there she knew how she was going to end the night. She ordered a drink, but instead of her martini she also got a special cocktail from one of the guys.

She went to thank him for the drink, but she ended up taking with him most of the night. When she saw how big he was she knew that he had what she was looking for, a monster cock to please her pussy. So when her friends left the club, she invited him at her place for a glass of wine. But they didn’t even make it to her front door and they already started undressing each other. So they went straight to her bed room, Devon grabbed his monster black cock and stuffed in her filthy mouth. After she bent over and got the black monster shoved in the juicy pussy. So check out this hardcore DevonLee update!


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Fucking with Michael Vegas

As promised we are here with another porn scene, this time with Michael Vegas. She ended up sharing the same hotel with an old friend of hers latest weekend. She was invited to this social event that took place out of the city in this resort. After she checked in at the hotel she went out for a walk to see the area and she found Michael at a bar enjoying his drink. The stayed there and talking until dawn and drinking in the same time of course.


When they returned to the hotel, Devon realized that she forgot the her key at the bar. So Michael offered to share his room with her. All that alcohol made them extremely horny so what happened in the room didn’t surprised anyone. Devon went to take a shower and Michael went there to keep her company. She ended up fucking and sucking all over the place. After she stuffed his hard cock in her filthy mouth and getting all covered with cum she bent over and got his monster cock shoved in her juicy pussy as well. So don’t miss out this hardcore gallery. Enjoy it and if you are looking for similar videos cum inside the website and enjoy!

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Fuck My Ass

This time our smoking hot porn star, Devon Lee, ended up sharing her bed with one of her man’s friends. Devon was left alone for a few days, because her boyfriend was out of town with some businesses to attend. So she decided to do something with her free time, so she started cleaning the house. But while she was vacuuming she accidentally hit something and ended up with no cable and the bad news was that this happened on a Saturday. So she called one of her bf’s friend to take a look to see if he could fix it.

After he arrived and check it out he went to the store and in half an hour her problem was fixed. Then he asked for some money for his work, but Devon didn’t have any cash money so they ended up settling their financial problem in another way. Devon took off her cloths, went to her knees and started sucking his hard tool. But that wasn’t enough for him so she took his hard cock in her every hole, starting with her eager pussy and finishing with her butthole. Enjoy this and check out what’s next for more updates!


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Bathroom Fuck

Devon is here with her latest gallery for you guys. As you can see she just can’t stay still for a moment. She went shopping the other day and ran into this guy, they were both reaching for the same product. After they finished laughing about their little incident they started talking and he asked her out for dinner. Devon kind of liked him so she accepted. And that’s how she ended up the next night in this fancy restaurant sharing a meal with a stranger.

She had such a good time that she invited him over to her place to get to know each other better. But things went much better then expected. After he got dizzy, he finally had the gut to make his move. So they started making out all over the place and undressing each other while getting to the bathroom. From there everything went wild. Devon started sucking his hard tool and ended up covered with cum and afterwards she got his hard tool stuffed in her eager pussy. So don’t miss out this hardcore gallery and also check out the latest video. Enjoy it!


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