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Chanel Preston Masturbation

Chanel Preston, the sexy brunette puts on a live show for her audience. You asked for her to show off her body live in front of the cameras? Well here she is and boy does she got something to show off. She was dressed in her daily clothes that she wears around normally, so you can see her sporting a white tank top and white knee high socks.Because those are the only things that stayed on her at the end, revealing her pink wet pussy and juicy round breasts for the cam too.

So she continued to massage and play around with her body to the pure delight of the audience she was having. If you want to see her fuck her pussy go to and watch the full video. She slowly started inserting fingers into her pussy one by one, until she was finger fucking her wet pussy with a passion. All in all it was a great show and she herself said that she’d absolutely love to do this kind of thing again as soon as possible!


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Chanel found herself another partner in crime to try out new things with. So she invited her over to have some nice and hot lesbian fun tonight. Seems like the two little ladies wanted to try and test out a new sex toy that they picked up for their next girl on girl action that they’d be doing.

And tonight was the night. So they took out their brand new yellow dildo after they got undressed and after some nice fore playing with passionate kisses they started inserting the toy in each other’s pussies in turns. Like always you know that ChanelPreston knows how to have fun and this time it was no exception to the rule. Enjoy her and her friend fucking each other in this update.


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Chanel Preston Feet

We continue with a gallery full of Chanel Preston feet pictures. For this one your favorite porn star took to a secluded part of the beach where she would carry on doing a very sexy nude topless scene. But she also wanted to treat you guys to a view of her sexy and long feet too. ChanelPreston heard that most of you guys kept asking for her to do some photo shoots to bring out her feet in the close ups. Since you guys seems to love the shapes that this woman displays on her feet. And this exquisite gallery aims to serve as a satisfaction towards your needs.

She was dressed in a very nice and sexy set of bikinis and she was already taking them off since the beginning. Don’t worry she shows you more than just her feet, and this way everyone gets to have what they want. So enjoy the mature brunette posing around on the beach side rocks all naked, and spreading her legs. And be sure that you’ll get a close up of her sexy feet too. We didn’t forget you guys either. We know that this gallery will satisfy your need to see more and more of this superb model. Be sure that we have videos all primed and ready for you guys!


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Chanel Preston Massage

A new and enticing massage session is here. The brunette porn star seems to have built up quite some stress over the past week and today was her chance to take some time to unwind. So you can imagine that was started as a nice and relaxing massage turned into a ChanelPreston sex session, to the delight of the sexy woman. Long story short, this busty babe booked herself a session at a massage parlor to get rid of her stress with a relaxing massage.

But when she saw the guy that was her masseur, she couldn’t help herself but to think up all kinds of naughty things. And surely enough midway through the massaging the smoking hot woman asked the masseur if he’d give her a happy end to the session. Oh, you bet he did, as he started massaging her round breasts , eventually massaging her pussy with his cock too. Enjoy!


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Busty Chanel Giving Blowjob

Miss Preston brings you an update showing off her latest facial experience. It seems that she today she needed a facial treatment and getting a guy to help her out was just the thing she needed. So this lucky got to have fun with Preston’s body for the evening. We can’t really say what got into her this time, but like always Chanel just does what se wants. Lucky for us too, since we get tons of material to show you from her “adventures”.

So this guy that she picked up didn’t really know what he was getting himself into until he stepped through the door to Preston’s apartment. And with that a real hard chanelpreston sex session was about to commence. Chanel fucked him until the poor guy couldn’t go on anymore, kind of making her sad, but hey he did hang of for at least two hours. So it was time for him to fulfill the role for which miss Preston got him to her place for. Namely to blow off his jizz load all over her pretty face. Enjoy this one everyone! You can visit Shay Fox and find similar content!


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Chanel Swallowing

A Chanel Preston swallow gallery just for you. The sizzling hot woman lucked out again tonight as she picked up another random guy. This time she’s all set to show off her cock sucking skills to him and show him that she’s a good lady, eating everything she gets. That’s great news for the dude who simply can’t wait to let her have her way with his cock this evening. So watch as the busty ChanelPreston takes his pants down to start sucking him off with a passion. She sure knows what she’s doing. Well it’s also pretty clear that she has the experience to make a guy feel in on cloud nine with ehr blow job skills.

Anyway, the sex encounter continued with the lovely lady bending over and presenting her ass and pussy for the guy to take for a pounding doggie style to his discretion. An offer which he promptly took without hesitation. And the balls deep fucking was starting to come to it’s conclusion as the guy was just about to burst. Miss Preston then took his cock out of her pussy and started sucking on it again until the guy blew his huge load all over her cute face and big tits. Like we said, this woman sure knows hot to treat a guy right. Don’t forget that you can find similar pictures and videos inside the Vanessa Cage page. So enjoy!


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Chanel wants a cock to go hard style on her tight round ass. You know she’s always getting what she wants so this was no different. Though the guy did have his work cut out for him, as this lady wants her sex fast and hard. So you can imagine that she was begging him to fuck her faster and harder the whole time. So watch chanelpreston as she gets her ass thoroughly stretched by the guy’s balls deep pounding. And you can see the pleasure on Preston’s face the whole thing. One can only imagine how much more cock this little slut needs to be satisfied. But one thing’s for sure. Today she got what she wanted so no complaints from her there. Enjoy this update and we hope you’ll be here to see the next one too, maybe together with her friend busty blonde Hanna. Stay tuned!


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Chanel Fucked

See lovely Chanel fucked hard style along with her friend by one lucky random guy. They picked him up from a bar and they seem intent on having their way with him tonight. It all started when Chanel’s friend made a bet with her, and that was she couldn’t pick up a guy in under 5 minutes. Well it seems that that wasn’t really a challenge for miss Preston, as she just strolled up to the guy and simply asked him if he’d be down with having sex with her and her friend tonight. And faster than snapping your fingers the guy accepted , and was soon on his way towards Preston’s place along with the two women.

So check out the gallery of their fuck session at where they spent the night having sex however they wanted. The two women treated him right as they both got down on their knees to suck on his big cock in preparation for the next part. And that was absolutely awesome for the guy, as the women repeatedly took turns being pounded bi his dick throughout the whole night. Suffice to say that the guy left for home in the morning a very happy guy. We hope you’ll enjoy it!


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Chanel Preston Solo Masturbation

Another set of pics for your enjoyment. Some of you guys asked if there will be any channel Preston videos , and let us assure you there are ad they are coming along soon enough. But for now we would like to present you with more of her pictures. So today the sexy porn star that you love is here to put another show. This time she’s solo but that doesn’t mean that she can’t have fun. Just like hot Monique Alexander, she enjoys a lot playing with herself so she took off her clothes quickly as she knows what you’re here to see.

Afterwards the smoking hot lady spreads open her legs to show off her juicy pink pussy. It doesn’t take long for her to get in a playful mood, and start toying with it. But then again she’s always in a playful mood. Go to right now and see this set of her finger fucking her wet pussy just for you. She always knows how to have a good time and this shoot was no exception!


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Chanel Hardcore Threesome

We bring you a Chanel Preston hardcore session with the porn star and one of her best friends Anette. And Anne is a very sexy and beautiful ebony woman with a lust for sex as big as miss ChanelPreston herself. This hot brunette got invited to the latter’s residence today to have some ladies only fun with Preston’s new toy. Namely a strap on that came packed with a huge black dildo. So Chanel needed someone to help her test it out. Sure enough she un reluctantly agreed to join her friend in having fun with the toy. So without further due, watch the women as they try on that big toy on each other’s pussies for some great times this afternoon. Suffice to say they fucked each other with it until they couldn’t go on anymore and overall it was a great experience for both!


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Chanel Preston Cum

Fresh cum swallowing gallery of pictures with the sexy porn star. This beauty makes her debut here on the internet and this aims to be the first of many galleries featuring her and her insatiable lust for sex. For today the lusty Channel got around to having fun with a guy at the pool. She was dressed in a white bikini that surely caught his eye. Suffice to say he made his way to her to see if he’d luck out today and get to have sex with this beautiful woman.

Well the one that was eyeing him was actually ChanelPreston herself. And she was delighted knowing that she’d get to suck on a good hard cock this afternoon. It’s a habit of hers to make as less days as possible pass without having sex. And that was one of those days. Well she took off his shorts to reveal his big cock that was already hard, but she wanted to do the properly , getting it nice and slippery for her tight pussy. Watch them spending the whole afternoon having sex on the pool side in this awesome gallery. Enjoy!


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Chanel And Puma The Hot Cheerleaders

Watch sexy Chanel and gorgeous Puma Swede in this intense lesbian scene. The babes were asked to try out cheerleading and they did a pretty good job. The look so sexy in those cheerleader outfits and high hells don’t you think? After watching all those hot muscular guys playing the babes got really horny and after the game they went to the bathroom for a quickie if you know what i mean.

As soon as sexy Puma exposed her big round boobs naughty Chanel was all over her, massaging, kissing and sucking Puma’s sexy tits. She then started taking off Puma’s skirt and panties to get a taste of her sweet pussy. She started rubbing her clit while eating out Puma’s pussy and both babes reached to climax almost in the same time!


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