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In this Britney Amber video update, our blonde dresses the part yet again to engage into some sexual fun with her new lover. The guy she’s with tonight stroked her fancy when she was sunbathing at a private pool once and she was extremely pleased with his performance then. So she kept him in her little log of friends with benefits for when she’d need his cock services again. Today was such a time as her pussy was feeling rather ignored and wanted to be stuffed by a big and rock hard cock no matter what just like naughty Allie this stunning blonde adores to fuck every time she has the chance.

So she gave him a quick call and a few minutes later he was in his car and driving towards her place already anticipating what the slutty woman had in mind for their fuck session. When she opened the door for him he was a bit awe struck at her outfit, as she was looking incredibly hot it it. She was dressed in a fishnet top and just had her panties on with nothing else. Just pulling him in the guy knew he’d be in for a hard style ride with her tonight. So watch as Amber offers her cunt for a doggie style pussy pounding in today’s update. Enjoy the pics everyone!


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Wild Job Interview

This update contains some fresh new videos for your viewing pleasure. Remember the job interview that the blonde had a few updates ago? Well today her boss was about to test her aptitudes for real in this video. So let’s sit back and enjoy her putting her skills to use in order to please the big man’s huge cock.

As she enters his office at his request, she knows exactly why she was there. The guy just grabs her and pulls her over telling her that it was time for her to get to work for real. That’s all Amber needed to hear, so she kneeled down to start working on the bosses cock. When she got him nice and hard she mounted him and she wasn’t going to give up until he was completely satisfied with her. Watch them fuck in his office in this update everyone and enjoy!


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Horny Backstage Lesbians

This time, miss Amber continues with yet another Britney Amber lesbian scene. This time she called on the services of another blonde. The two are really old friends but Amber decided that today it was time for them to meet up once more simply because she loves lesbian sex encounters, just like naughty Ginger Lynn. And your favorite porn star had just the thing in mind to make this special for both of them Amber has access to a fresh and new club that just opened and they have a VIP room that she intends to use with her friend later. As the other woman arrived the two ladies were all set to go clubbing tonight, and they were going to have the time of their lives in this porn video tonight.

They spent quite a while teasing the guys on the dance floor with their amazing bodies and even went as far to flirt with some of them just dismissing them after a while, for the two had their own fun planned, and guys weren’t allowed in their girl on girl action plan. So eventually the two women retreat to the VIP room where they start kissing passionately and take out their sex toys. You can bet that BritneyAmber wasn’t about to be caught unprepared. watch as the two women spend the whole evening fucking one another’s pussies with their toys until the closing hours of the morning.


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POV Blowjob

Another set of amazing galleries just for you today. The blonde sets out to put her amazing cock sucking skills on display for this image set again. Oh we also forgot to mention that this cock hungry slut was dressed for the part today, in a incredible set of lingerie that left little to imagine. It was all black and red and it’s pretty much sure to get any guy hard at the mere sight of her.

So without further due, let’s get this awesome scene on the road. Right from the beginning as you saw once more before the slutty blonde starts sucking on the cock like the true professional that she is. Enjoy her blow job session and see her suck and slurp on that meat pole in this gallery. Enjoy guys!





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BritneyAmber Big Cock Fuck

BritneyAmber went out of her way today to get some big and hard cock to fuck her tight pussy. And she wasn’t about to quit until she got her rough fucking for the night. So the slutty blonde did just what you’d expect her to do, she dressed up all sexy and hit the clubs in search for her evening cock. Sure enough the blonde hottie found her man and it was time for her to make like in the rest of her porn videos and fuck the living daylights out of the lucky guy. Let’s see just how our Amber did that tonight.

So being satisfied with her pick she took the guy back to her apartment where things were about to get down and dirty. Little did the guy know what this blonde had in store for him tonight. Entering the door, she quickly locked it behind them and while kissing him, with a few quick moves she took off his pants to reveal his big cock. Without a second thought she went straight to sucking his cock in this video to get him nice and hard for her pussy. And when he was all nicely lubed it was time for the fucking to commence. Enjoy seeing Britney taking a thorough and hard style pussy pounding in this one.


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Britney Amber Pics

We have some new and hot pics for your viewing pleasure. This time the sensual blonde wanted to shoot more than just one shoot so she brings you a combo of her having fun with her pussy and body in this amazing gallery. The update is composed of three sessions, one hotter than the next in which our lovely blonde porn star goes to town pleasing her eager cunt. You know how cock hungry she is, but sadly there are times when that just isn’t available no matter how baldy she wants it. So for all of her alone at home shoots she had to resort to self pleasing making some nice and enticing videos too.


For the first one the blonde is dressed in a very hot and sensual black lingerie set, and she’s just dying to take it off to show you her goods, a thing that she eventually does. For the second scene the lusty woman feels the need to take out her vibrator and just have that toy please that wet and cock hungry pussy. And last but not least the third one has BritneyAmber dressed in a amazingly hot white leotard where she does, well you guessed it. Pleases her pussy yet again.

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Naughty At The Office

For this Britney Amber pics gallery update, the sensual blonde has a very hot and enticing office photo shoot to show off. For this one she’s playing the role of a lusty woman that’s trying to get a job as a secretary and she’s down to do whatever it takes to get the job. Seems that her resolve got to this point after seeing how many women were cued for the spot, so she knew she had to come up with something original in order for her to get selected. So let’s see what she has in store to show off.

From the very start of these galleries she gets in the office and after answering her questions for the guy, she starts loosening her shirt. Soon she’s literally naked and all sprawled across the bosses desk, just aching to prove what a good secretary she’d make if she gets the job. So watch her putting on her sexual show, showing off her big and round breasts along with her pink and perfect pussy while spreading her legs. We’re sure you’ll enjoy her update. You can visit London Hart and see another gorgeous babe getting naked and masturbating for you!


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Britney Amber Lesbian

For this one, it’s a Britney Amber lesbian session. Like always she shows that she can pull some strings and get some company for a lonely evening to have some fun. Her friend is a fair and tall brunette with long hair with a body as hot as hers, so sparks were sure to fly from their lesbian sex session tonight. Let’s see how BritneyAmber and her friend spent the night.

The two women don’t waste time with petty chit chat and get straight to the girl on girl action part of their sex session. The brunette starts massaging Amber’s big boobs while kissing her passionately and makes her way down to her blonde friend’s pussy quite fast. Not that our little blonde slut minds. And as Amber starts to moan the brunette uses her expert fingers to finger fuck her wet and eager pussy fast and hard to Amber’s delight. Enjoy guys!


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Britney’s Amazing Blowjob

For this update, the blonde has a treat for you. Today the blue eyed beauty aims to show you that she also knows how to do one unforgettable blowjob in addition to her amazing fucking skills. She got everything set, and called on another friend with benefits that she was going to use as demonstration for her amazing blow job. So without further due, let’s all sit back and enjoy the show she’s about to put on. She’s quite the little naughty planner isn’t she. Suffice to say that the guy appearing in these pics is one lucky dude, but we digress. She was all dressed in a very slutty and attractive outfit, that to be honest served little more than cock teasing.

Truest us when we say that her clothes left little for the imagination, and as proof the guy didn’t take long to get hard just by looking at her amazing curves that were just eager to escape those tight sexy clothes of hers. Slowly and surely BritneyAmber pulls down his pants to reveal his big cock and start to suck it. You can see her superb technique as she uses her tongue to make sure to give his cock one awesome treatment that we won’t soon forget. And to prove she’s a good sport she allows him the privilege to blow his load all over her face and in her mouth. Oh and you bet she loved it too!

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Britney Amber Threesome

For this threesome update, our resourceful blonde proves that she can get all the company she needs when having sex. She was rather bored today, so her twisted little mind came up with one great idea on how to spend the time. She called one of her best friends and asked her if she’d be down to have some sexual fun just the two of them and a guy that miss BritneyAmber will provide herself. The guy himself was one of her many guy friends with benefits that she has. So she quickly gave him a call too after talking with her lady friend.

Both were really eager and agreed to do this thing on the spot without hesitation. And with that it was time for our blonde to prepare for the awesome evening that was going to go down. her female friend arrived first and they were both dressed in some pretty sexy clothing that was only there to serve enticing the guy even more. Well he’d surely get hard when he’d see them naked anyway. Bay the time he arrived the women were so eager to get his cock in them that they just straight out pulled him in and threw the clothes off of him. Watch them take turns getting fucked by his big cock in this one.


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Huge Titty Stripper Britney

Time to see another show with the blue eyed blonde as usual. You know what she’s all about and how hard she likes to party in bed. Well, today’s scene brings you more of her getting naughty and kinky and you just have to see her enjoying herself a nice and relaxing afternoon with this guy that she got herself. And you can see that she’s also wearing some really sexy and pink bikini too that just made her look even more incredible. Well once she’s going to be done with the guy, he’s probably going to be walking funny. But let’s see them go off at it and you can see the babe sucking his big dick first here today!


So yeah, like we said, she has a nice and sexy pink bikini on and it made her look super sexy. And while the guy was already hard by the time she whipped out his cock, she still wanted a taste of it today it seems. It’s fairly common for her though, and you can even get to see her in some Katie Banks lesbian scenes with that babe too being just as horny and eager. Anyway, coming back to the guy, after she sucks him off, just gets right on top of that cock and starts to ride him fast and hard. Enjoy the view of this babe quite literally dominating the sex encounter they had and have fun with the view of it!

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Britney Amber Ass

In our update we bring you a Britney Amber ass gallery that will surely make a first impression on you. This blonde made quite a name for herself in the porn industry and with her first update for her brand new site you’ll get to see just how and why. Well since this was also a special occasion it also fell during the winter holiday and our blonde couldn’t be more eager to get into the spirit of the celebration. So let’s watch her get all dressed up in her naughty costume and put on her famous shows for your viewing pleasure. Like the chicks from atk exotics blog, she loves getting naked for the camera!

In these galleries she donned a pink Santa’s helper outfit composed of a pink satin dress and …well a hat, with nothing else what so ever. Santa isn’t here but the blonde already made herself one sexy gift. She purchased a brand new dildo and she was just dying to try it out. So just sit back and watch this sizzling hot blonde as she starts fucking her eager pussy with her brand new toy, after which she switches to fucking her ass too. She just has to have both holes penetrated or else she’s not satisfied.


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