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Welcome to Anetta Keys! Well this sexy woman enjoys cock and you’ll get to see her take some more. This was the day and she seems to have managed to score herself a nice and big one along with a very cute stud. And you can pretty much bet that she wasn’t going to let him go until she had him drained of every last bit of jizz that he had. So let’s watch this sexy beauty just like hot Tera Patrick at work.

There are also some hot  pics packed together with this video so be sure not to miss those either. Sit back and enjoy as you get to see this beauty sucking some more cock to get the guy nice and hard for her cunt. Then watch her presenting him with her wet pussy, and see the eager dude fuck her fast and hard as she enjoys every moment of it. And for a nice finish, watch the lady as she sucks the cock dry of jizz, even allowing the guy to blast her perky tits with his cum load. Enjoy!


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As we promised, we bring you some nice solo videos for your enjoyment. This was the special time we were telling you about and you can see sexy Anetta do her thing once more to entertain you. For this scene she went out and got yet another sex toy. But this seems to be a bit more bigger and more serious. She was also wondering if she could take it in her tight pussy and to satisfy her curiosity she made shit short movie clip. And you get to see if she does it too as you get front row seats to her show.


As the scene starts, you get to see AnettaKeys all naked once more right from the beginning. The only thing that this sexy beauty was wearing, was her thigh high black stockings and her high heels, and see was also readily equipped with her big and purple sex toy. So watch her as she bends over showing off some sexy curves, and also watch her shoving that big fuck toy in her cunt. You’ll get to see her fuck herself hard with it as she moans in pleasure. If you wanna see another beauty fucking herself, come inside Nikki Sexx !

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Sensuous Lesbian Sex

Well, Anetta went back to her old ways, and for now she has an Anetta Keys lesbian gallery. But this is hotter than ever with her female companion, as you can tell Anetta is very much eager to outdo herself. So for this one you get to see your favorite porn star as she gets her pussy pleased as well by her sexy female companion.

As the scene starts, the two sexy little women seem to have already started their fuck fest for the afternoon. And at first you get to see AnettaKeys do her classy pussy pleasing, only to lay on her back afterwards expecting some hot treatment as well. So watch her get her pussy pleased by that other woman as well. We hope you liked it!


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This new and fresh update features an amazing blowjob session. If you thought that this horny woman was into pussy only, than you are severely mistaken. This little woman is just as hungry for cocks as well, and when the opportunity comes she’s not one to pass it by. And since this busty brunette had a guy do some repairs, she saw this as the perfect chance to get her slutty little hands on his cock and fuck him wildly for the whole afternoon. Also, you can expect her to fuck more guys in some future updates, but no one can really tell when that might happen. So just sit back and enjoy her scene for as long as it lasts.


As the guy was making the said repairs, this naughty woman makes her appearance besides him suddenly wearing a sexy and hot outfit formed by a sexy red mini skirt and a small top. And also red lingerie underneath. And the guy knew what she wanted so without anything else to say he offers up his cock to her so that she may start to suck and slurp on it. And guys, you simply can’t miss Anetta working on that huge cock with her juicy lips and expert mouth. Also enjoy her taking a nice and balls deep pussy fucking as well.

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Playing With Vibrator

This time, the hot and sexy brunette porn star has a very sexy gallery to show off to you. In this one miss Anetta is very eager and happy to show off her most newest acquisition in the form of a golden dildo just like that one from Diamond Foxxx pictures. She was shopping earlier and she stumbled across a sex shop. And being the curious little naughty lady that she is she had to go inside and see what they had to offer. Sure enough, it didn’t take her long to decide on buying a new sex toy. And that’s how this little scene came to be.

Truth be told, Anetta was actually looking forward to doing another sexy solo photo shoot with some sex toys and this gave her the perfect opportunity for one. For this one you don’t even get to see her undress from her sexy outfit, she makes her appearance all nude already and she goes to a nice and big chair with pillows where she can have her fun. So watch her spreading her long sexy legs as she inserts that toy in her pussy. Then see her fucking herself with it hard style while she moans in pleasure.


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Sex With Mistress

More superb Anetta Keys sex scenes. As this sexy woman has showed off her passion for pussy before, she comes back with another superb girly romance scene for you guys to see and enjoy. And this time she has a sexy brunette lady taking center stage alongside her for the update. Be sure that the sexy lady is just as hot and horny as Anetta, that being the reason for her accepting her invite for this beautiful lesbian scene. And you guys will be in for quite a ride with them.


The two hotties can be seen wearing some hot and sexy outfits and they’re sure to make any guy or lady fall in love with them at first sight when you get a good long look at them. Anetta was wearing a small and sexy white lingerie set, while her friend was wearing a nice and hot black leather outfit. Watch as Anetta kisses her buddy passionately while she also finger fucks her friend’s cunt fast and hard.

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Playing With Black Gloves

It’s time for you guys to see some more pics. This slutty and sexy porn star has prepared yet another amazing scene for you to see as she will get around to please her pink pussy in front of the cameras. She desperately wanted to show off a new glamorous outfit that she bought and you guys get to decide if she looks hot in it or not. Be sure to watch each and every image of this sexy lady and not miss any picture. AnettaKeys is pretty proud of it and she’s going to show it off and as well as strip out of it in this marvelous gallery. So without further due let’s get started!

As the cameras start to roll, you get to see the hot and sexy Anetta making her appearance wearing the mentioned outfit. And it was composed of a super hot and sexy long dress made out of satin along with some long sleeved gloves. She poses as she wants you to get a good look at it, but then she reveals the catch. She wasn’t wearing any type of lingerie underneath, and as soon as it comes off, you can see her fully naked body in these  galleries. Watch her have some fun as she finger fucks her perky pussy and enjoy the show as always guys.


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In this fresh and hot gallery we have some more superb Anetta Keys pussy scenes for you guys to see and enjoy. And once again this brunette hottie is joined by another sexy female friend to help her with pleasing herself. So for this hot scene you get to watch the superb Anetta get into one more sexy and hot lesbian session with one of her friends. So just sit back and enjoy the show everyone.


As this AnettaKeys lesbian fest starts off, you get to see our porn star and her blonde friend as they take off one another’s clothes while kissing passionately and sensually. And eventually you also get to see them take their spot as they want to start pleasing those cunts. So watch Anetta licking her buddy’s pussy in this superb scene just for your viewing pleasure.

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Join Me For Breakfast

Anetta decided that it was time for you to see a nice and hot little update with her as she plays around with her food in the morning. Rest assured that she doesn’t do this every day, but this time there was just something that made her feel extra horny and she saw no other way to please herself. So without further due, sit back and watch her play with her amazing body for you.

It starts with the smoking hot and sexy AnettaKeys as she’s all dressed in a sexy dress, sitting at the kitchen table. And as you will see this sexy little hottie gets more and more turned on as the time passes. And she begins to remove her clothes one by one until she’s all naked. So watch her as she then starts to play with her amazingly hot naked body on the dinner table. You’ll get to watch her rube her pussy just for you as well in this superb scene.


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We bring you some more fresh Anetta Keys pics and it seems that this sexy woman isn’t alone for this nice update. She felt in a very playful and naughty mood and so she called in one of her female buddies to help her have some sexual fun in this photo shoot. Well, we can only say that the two sexy women had allot of fun together in their little girl on girl action session for the afternoon. We know you’re eager to see just what these two hot and sexy little sluts did, so let’s get it started.


Anetta picked up the phone and made her phone call to her buddy. When that buddy of hers heard that this sexy beauty was looking to have some lesbian fun, she just said she’ll be right over and she bolted towards Anetta’s place. And as you can imagine Anetta greeted her happily as she was also looking forward to some hot lesbian sex. So watch as the two ladies lick one another’s wet cunt to please each other and have fun with it.

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Sexy Stockings

Anetta is a very beautiful and sexy woman. And from now onward this sexy hottie will bring you updates featuring her and her smoking hot body. For her debuting image gallery on the internet she wants to show you her superb naked body and you get front row seats to her sexy show. She believes that you need to get a good long look at her superb body curves first so this is to serve as a nice introductory scene. Well let’s get this started and see what she’s all about everyone!

Anetta makes her entry in the very first image for this gallery and you can see that she’s wearing a very sexy and hot outfit for you. Just as fast as she made her entry she starts to remove the said outfit to show off her superb body curves to you as she removes more an more. And as she’s eventually naked she starts to pose and tease you with her nude hot body. Watch her as she plays with her pink and wet pussy just for you in this awesome update!


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